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I can’t sleep. My mind is full of dreams and ideas for my new ‘online fruit tarts’.
My fiance gave me my ‘shop’s name’ cos I couldnt come up with any names.
I just created new email for my buyers to contact me. And I’m sooo excited!!
I can’t reveal the name and email cos I’m afraid of spammers and stalkers.

I rmmbr when I started working in this line (oil&chemicals) . It wasn’t really about passion. Its more of how this line pay me, its not big money like bankers pay etc but from my small eyes, this amount is Alhamdulillah enough for me to pay back my parents before I get married.
That was how I got started from choosing this course for my study till I graduated and got a job. Alhamdulillah.
But recently I started to get bored. I started to look for what I really want to do in life. I need passion to drive me forward.
Then I found my baking passion ^^

I really have to bake for my part time jobs.
Its exhausting to be doing 2jobs. But if you have passion you will be happy Alhamdulillah.

#dreamon #personal #bakingjourney